Rm Free To unskilled care Lady, Own Large Suite/Bath

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Attentant To Boy Owner. $–given (Los Angeles)

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8BR / 9+Ba

flooring: tile
laundry on site
detached garage

no other roommates.. -U can be a mature senior or any age. Are U tired of your job, situation or lifestyle..First; This is ‘two jobs-into one..Hospitality receiptionist/caregiver.-entry level, U learn..
U must be very forward manner’behavior-super take on me as engageing towards me manner- aggressive-confident-strongly in a femminite presents by show/presents in all that you can bring me-so important. I’m not so disabled nor handy-caped…just short of limited for my age; 40, I’m M/very slender thin ‘no muscles’, longer ‘saloned hair like a hippy, clean shavened.. There is a Full Time wage given.. -I do all basic stuff myself.. Just my arms are carpo tunnel and wrist are limited.. Arithistis in fingers more advanced for my age..I see specialist monthly ( I need U fully as a super attenitive 24/7 )-enjoying me..I’m never bossy. ” Be a type who approaches people in nite clubs/ bars/parties, if that is your hot spot that you picking-up on some one of your type, — then “use” that practice on me in –leaning into me, showing upfront affection/presents to give me a feeling–you want to hang w/me…( this is used only once you’ve actually met me & find me attractive enough to want 7-days a week )—hanging out, & doing outings where-ever I go.. There is ‘no labor-from you ever…other than caregiving-training.. Domestic Agency-team from rodeo drive district, comes in full services wkly when I am going out. So U never do any other.

I need a Un-lic, non licsensed/ non certified care person ( No abilities )..no background at all in this ‘ who is actually new in this field-entry level-only.
.. person who shows a over whelming showing desire to be highly engageing ‘forward reaching out- as a attentive-manner as like– leaning in towards me to give-off a ‘ super attenitive affectionate” delight. When U lean into someone, it stands out.
Pay is 79.4 k mthly- direct deposit. Yes U can be a senior. U need to be super opened-minded, sun fun wearing just swimwear as during the week, I lay around by my tropical pool lounging all day at home doing self employed business calls by poolside or on weekends—travel to islands resort, stay where I sunbaths out by beach or resorts poolside dealing with business meets of small group of other executives who are senior old men.. so either way, its all about living in swimwear..’ Note this. -If you not into living in swimwear by poolside, as me or island trips for business dealings,— then this is not a match. To apply; ‘ Selfies from you are “required” upfront in first contact…no mistake. ( note; U need to be unattached completely w/no prior committments )..its 24/7 like. U must re-read twice for clarity. No response if you don’t follow instructions to apply. Not wanting anyone who doesn’t follow the required –Selfies from you are “required” upfront in first contact…no mistake.
need to see who U are first. If you respond without selfie, U will never hear from me

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